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Sunday Lesson

July 15th–Ron Hestand-See It Right Not Make It Right
July 8th–Ron Hestand-4 Winds of Conflict
July, 1st Dr Ron Hestand Independence Day Service - No One is Against You
June 24th – UCL Board - Healing Prayer and Meditation
June 17, 2018-Dr. Ron Hestand-What In The World Were You Thinking
June 10, 2018-Dr. Ron Hestand-The Resurrection of Tabitha
June 03, 2018 Dr. Ron Hestand - The Prodigal Son
May 20, 2018 Dr. Ron Hestand - You Are Never Alone World Regions Part 2-20180520
Dr. Ron Hestand - "Mothers's Day Service" 05/13/2018
Dr. Ron Hestand - In Defense of Judas 05-06-2018